IntelliCorp Announces Participation in SAP EcoHub
Delivers Added Value to Customers by Accelerating Discovery, Evaluation and Purchase of Trusted Partner Solutions

IntelliCorp has announced its participation in the SAP EcoHub solution marketplace. This community-powered solution marketplace makes it easier for customers to discover, evaluate and purchase solutions - such as IntelliCorp LiveCompare, LiveModel and DataWorks - that complement SAP applications. IntelliCorp's LiveCompare 2007, LiveModel 2008 and DataWorks 2007 products help automate the analysis of SAP solution-based systems and have been SAP-certified as powered by the SAP NetWeaver technology platform.

The SAP EcoHub provides customers access to complementary solutions and offerings that work best for their installation of SAP solutions. It leverages SAP's comprehensive customer-focused ecosystem, where customers and partners can connect for success. The SAP EcoHub integrates community input, user feedback, ratings and partner demos, enabling a more educated and intelligent selection of solutions.

IntelliCorp's primary listing is at Resources available for download from SAP EcoHub include an IntelliCorp summary, an informational data sheet and several customer success stories. Also provided are certification details for IntelliCorp solutions and the ability to request a live demo or contact from IntelliCorp.

"SAP EcoHub is an online solution marketplace that empowers SAP customers with another direct way to access IntelliCorp's 'do-it-yourself-tools' for automated SAP solution-based system analysis," explained Christopher Trueman, CTO for IntelliCorp. "As companies deploy a wider range of SAP products, IntelliCorp's support for SAP solutions means that benefits can immediately be seen throughout an IT environment."

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