AJAX-Style Programming Meets Java: OpenLaszlo and Java ME Technology To Be Integrated
Sun and Laszlo To Collaborate; OpenLaszlo Apps To Run On Java ME Devices

“This collaboration will bring the richness of the modern web, the power of Java technology and the unique capabilities of OpenLaszlo together for the benefit of our respective developer communities," said Robert Brewin (pictured), CTO of Sun Microsystems' software group, as Sun and Laszlo Systems today announced a collaboration to enable OpenLaszlo applications to run on devices supporting Java ME.

"The integration of OpenLaszlo and Java ME technology is another important step in the evolution of mobile computing,” Brewin added.

OpenLaszlo is a widely adopted open source application development platform that uses Ajax-style programming techniques, integrating XML and JavaScript, to create rich and robust online experiences. Currently in version 3.3, it was designed from its inception to support the instantaneous, no-download deployment of web applications on a diverse set of client runtime environments. As part of the new collaboration, Sun and Laszlo are actively contributing resources to a new project for the OpenLaszlo community, code-named Orbit.

Now with further extension to support the Java ME platform, OpenLaszlo will offer an unprecedented level of development portability and flexibility across a wide variety of Java technology-based phones, television set-top boxes, and other connected devices.

"Support for OpenLaszlo applications further enhances one of the key strengths of the Java platform – the ability to support development environments and authoring tools targeting a broad spectrum of developer skills and preferences," Brewin said.

“We’re pleased to be working with Sun, which is a big step forward in furthering our collective vision of enabling seamless application support for all connected devices,” said David Temkin, founder and CTO of Laszlo Systems. “With both companies' strong commitment to open source and open standards, today’s announcement marks a significant milestone towards those efforts,” he added.

Sun and Laszlo expect to release the first demonstrable Project Orbit application running under the Java ME platform later this year. For more information on Project Orbit and its goals, please visit www.java.net or www.openlaszlo.org/orbit. To become a contributor to the Project, registration is available at www.openlaszlo.org/orbit.

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OpenLaszlo is a great product. You can author some really nice applications using their framework, and it's open source to top if off.

The ability to deploy standalone SWF files is most definitely a direct result of the folks over at Laszlo opening the source. Before, the server side "engine" was, really, their product. You would have to install that in order to serve up a Laszlo application. This is just like Macromedia/Adobe's business model with Flex. When they opened the source, the first thing they wanted to do was be able to publish stand alone SWF files because now the business model no longer centered around their server app.

So how do they make their money now? Well, they've got a few big time clients using their technology, and who better to apply the technology than those who designed it? Laszlo now hopes to generate cash flow by offering professional laszlo development. This is the type of business plan I would love to see more software vendors follow. I really hope Laszlo thrives as a company....it would really make a statement. It's a great addition to the open source community in an area that has been littered with closed-source solutions (RIA).

The first OpenLaszlo book has just reached the market. It is called AJAX AND FLASH DEVELOPMENT WITH OPENLASZLO by Chris Coremans.

The book presents straightforward tutorials which do a good job of introducing the LZX you need to know to build simple applcations. If you are someone who really likes to have a physical book rather than on-line documentation this book will give you a good foundation in learning OpenLaszlo.

When introducing new classes, the book provides a graphical class hierarchy to illustrate how the class fits in. In addition to the basics, Chapter 15 details a Google Maps application by Manabu Togawa which provides a good real-world example of browser integration.