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Web developers, Web designers, senior architects, project managers,technology evangelists, user interface architects, consultants, CTOs, and anyone looking to stay in front of the latest Web technology!

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AJAXWorld West Webcasts

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Presentation & Demo
David Temkin

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AJAXWorld East Webcasts

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Beyond the Buzz Words: Real-World AJAX Success Stories
Pierre Legagneur, Gregory Fisher & Kent Libbey

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Presentation & Demo
David Temkin

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On September 24, 2007 Santa Clara
will host SYS-CON Events’ "Laszlo Track”
about Next-Generation Web Application Development.  
Through a partnership with Laszlo Systems, SYS-CON Events presents a unique opportunity to learn from the greatest OpenLaszlo™ developers and practitioners in the world.

AJAXWorld West Conference & Expo Laszlo Track Schedule:
Session: 1
9:15–10:00 am
Laszlo Overview: AJAX, RIA, Web 2.0, Open Source and More
Speaker: David Temkin
Session: 2
10:10–10:55 am
"Open Laszlo 4.0: AJAX and Beyond."
Speaker: Max Carlson
Session: 3
11:05–11:55 am
Presentation & Demo by Laszlo Systems
Speaker: David Temkin
Session: 4
11:55–12:55 pm
About Laszlo Webtop, Part I: Pushing the Frontier of Desktop-like User Experience
Speaker: Robb Beal
LUNCH BREAK Come Visit Us on the Expo Floor!
Session: 5
2:30–3:15 pm
Laszlo Webtop, Part II: How to Build Webtop Applications
Speaker: Sarah Allen
Session: 6
3:30–4:30 pm
The Cinematic User Experience: Directing the Action in Interaction Design
Speaker: Bret Simister
Session: 7
4:40–5:15 pm
Laszlo in Action: Real-World Success Stories
Speaker: Antony Campitelli
Session: 8
5:40–7:10 pm
Hands-On OpenLaszlo Training
Speaker: Antun Karlovac

What is OpenLaszlo™?
Laszlo Systems is the original developer, and primary corporate sponsor, of the open source platform named OpenLaszlo. Offered as a free download to developers, OpenLaszlo is used to create applications that combine the rich user interface capabilities of desktop client software with the universally accessible, no-download features of web-delivered applications. With OpenLaszlo, developers can write once and run everywhere. That means OpenLaszlo applications will run on all leading Web browsers and on all leading desktop operating systems.

AJAXWorld West Conference & Expo List of Laszlo Track Speakers:
David Temkin
Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Session: 1
9:15 – 10:00 am (45 mins)
Laszlo Overview: AJAX, RIA, Web 2.0, Open Source, and More

Session Description: Laszlo is the leading global provider of Rich Internet Application software and is the original developer of the OpenLaszlo open source development platform. In this session, Laszlo’s founder, David Temkin, will delve into the various ways Web 2.0 application development technologies are bringing desktop–like fluidity and increased ease–of–use to the online experience. He will showcase a few live OpenLaszlo–based AJAX applications in action and take a deep dive into why and how they’re impacting business’ bottom lines. Lastly, Temkin will discuss the merits of Laszlo Webtop, the Web 2.0 desktop, outlining its benefits and various new features included in the latest version.

Speaker Bio: David Temkin is CTO and Founder of Laszlo Systems. Under his guidance, Laszlo’s open source platform, OpenLaszlo, has become a globally recognized leader in advanced Ajax application development. Prior to founding Laszlo, David held the position of Senior Director of Engineering at Excite@Home, responsible for developing the company’s consumer software. Before that, he was the Engineering Manager in the Newton division at Apple Computer and developed enterprise software at EDS. He graduated from Brown University with a double major in Computer Science and History, and is named on four software patents.

Max Carlson
Lead Runtime Architect

Session: 2
10:10 – 10:55 pm (45 mins)
OpenLaszlo 4.0: Ajax and Beyond

Session Description: OpenLaszlo is the leading open source platform for building and deploying Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). In this session, we’ll take a high-level look at the runtimes that support OpenLaszlo, including Ajax,Flash, and JavaME. We’ll discuss how developers can create Web 2.0 applications from a single XML code base and framework, and then execute them in various runtimes with just the click of a mouse. Laszlo’s Lead Runtime Architect, Max Carlson, will also reveal some of the new features in the upcoming version of OpenLaszlo, 4.0, while showcasing how to build a fairly complete example application from scratch. Development questions are welcome in this session, particularly when evaluating the pros and cons of each runtime environment.

Speaker Bio: Max Carlson first began programming at age six, writing his first game in BASIC at age eight. Carlson is the Lead Runtime Architect for the OpenLaszlo platform at Laszlo Systems, a San Mateo-based open source software company he co-founded seven years ago. In addition to spearheading the development of the DHTML and JavaME runtimes for OpenLaszlo, he also currently teaches at the San Francisco Multimedia Studies Program. Prior to Laszlo, Carlson worked for a series of start-ups and at Excite@Home, where he pioneered the use of dynamic Flash content for the broadband portal, and worked on DHTML and Flash applications for broadband customers.

David Temkin
Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Session: 3
11:05 – 11:55 am (50 minutes)
Keynote Presentation & Demo by Laszlo Systems: The Browser, the Portal, and the Desktop

Session Description: With advances in AJAX and RIA technology, the line between the browser and the desktop is becoming blurred. Web applications are being integrated into the desktop; desktop–like applications are running on the web. Meanwhile, web portals and start pages often host multiple applications, serving as a possible replacement desktop. So where do mobile phones and other non–PC devices integrate into this world?

In this keynote, David Temkin, Laszlo Systems’ founder and CTO, discusses today’s trends in user experience, programming models, and infrastructure, laying the foundation for a device–independent, network– centric world. Attendees will see how desktops themselves are being constructed for delivery as a hosted service and accessed from network–connected devices beyond the PC.

Speaker Bio: David Temkin is CTO and Founder of Laszlo Systems. Under his guidance, Laszlo’s open source platform, OpenLaszlo, has become a globally recognized leader in advanced Ajax application development. Prior to founding Laszlo, David held the position of Senior Director of Engineering at Excite@Home, responsible for developing the company’s consumer software. Before that, he was the Engineering Manager in the Newton division at Apple Computer and developed enterprise software at EDS. He graduated from Brown University with a double major in Computer Science and History, and is named on four software patents.

Robb Beal
Principal Systems Engineer, Laszlo Systems

Session: 4
11:55 – 12:55 pm (1 hour)
About Laszlo Webtop, Part I: Pushing the Frontier of Desktop-Like User Experiences

Session Description: In this presentation, we’ll introduce Laszlo Webtop 1.2, a framework built on OpenLaszlo for delivering multiple RIA/Ajax applications in a desktop-like user experience. Coupled with Webtop’s breakthrough cinematic user interface is a corresponding server-based SOA framework that provides advanced data management APIs, manages authentication and single-sign on, and includes other features that make a performant, multi-application desktop-in-a browser a reality. Attendees will experience a live Webtop demo, showcasing applications including an address book, a mail client, IM and IM AV, and photo viewing - all with breakthrough integration via drag and drop of Smart Objects.Finally, they will be shown how Webtop facilitates designer-level skinning through CSS and highly structured art assets.

Speaker Bio: As the Principal Systems Engineer at Laszlo, Robb Beal works closely with customers to match Laszlo’s products and technologies with their user experience and technical needs. Prior to Laszlo, Robb directed user experience design in projects ranging from rich business intelligence to consumer stock trading to consumer news and entertainment portals. His Rich Internet Application credits include Watson and Spring for Mac OS X. Robb holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Akron.

Sarah Allen
Director of Application Development

Session: 5
2:30 – 3:15 pm (45 min)
About Laszlo Webtop, Part II: How to Build Webtop Applications

Session Description: Today’s Internet usage patterns suggest there’s a growing demand for delivering Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) into a seamless, integrated, contextual user experience. Laszlo recognizes this growing vision, offering Webtop 1.2 to enhance application integration through its desktop-in-a-browser framework. In this presentation, Sarah Allen, Laszlo’s Director of Application Development, will demonstrate how to take a standalone RIA, developed using OpenLaszlo, and integrate it into the Laszlo Webtop environment. Come learn about the Webtop architecture and the various ways that developers can programmatically extend and integrate it, while adding business value. Attendees will learn first-hand how they can use existing RIA and Java development skills to build THESE browser-based desktops with multiple, integrated applications.

Speaker Bio: Sarah Allen is the Director of Application Development at Laszlo Systems, where she is responsible for the creation of approachable and efficient user experiences for Laszlo Mail and other online applications. She has also been instrumental in contributing to OpenLaszlo, the leading open source platform for building and deploying Web 2.0 applications. With over sixteen years of software development experience, Sarah’s career has included the development of Macromedia Shockwave and Flash video during her eight year tenure at Macromedia. In addition, she held engineering positions at Adobe, Aldus, and The Company of Science and Art. She was named one of the "Top 25 Women of the Web" by San Francisco WoW in 1998. She holds degrees in computer science and visual arts from Brown University.

Bret Simister
Co-founder and Chief Interface Architect

Session: 6
3:30 – 4:30 pm (1 hour)
The Cinematic User Experience: Directing the Action in Interaction Design

Session Description: Animation is becoming central to modern UI design, and essential to the creation of compelling and effective user experiences. New challenges -as well as new freedoms - abound for both the designer and developer when creating these experiences that aim to entertain, educate, and ultimately, guide users through complex site navigations in a fluid and elegant manner. In this session, attendees will learn the new design and implementation principles underlying a Cinematic User Experience (CUE). Bret Simister, Laszlo Fellow and Co-founder, will also provide specific examples of how to deliver a truly compelling, engaging experience by applying the dynamic animation capabilities already embedded in Laszlo’s technology.

Speaker Bio: As chief interface architect of Laszlo Systems, Bret Simister leads the design of Laszlo’s advanced user interface framework. He has extensive experience in designing and implementing groundbreaking user interfaces for personal computers and interactive television. Prior to Laszlo, Bret was the interface architect for Excite@Home’s interactive TV service. Before that, he was a UI designer and project manager for Tele-TV, an interactive TV company, and a software engineer for Apple Computer working on a variety of projects, including video conferencing systems and corporate front-end systems. Bret holds a B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics, and a B.S. in Physics from the University of California, Davis.

Antony Campitelli
Vice President of Marketing

Session: 7
4:40 – 5:15 pm (35 min)
Laszlo in Action: Real-World Success Stories Design

Session Description: Laszlo applications are serving over 40 million people monthly in the United States alone during the first half of 2007. Hear from a panel of industry visionaries, including Bret Victor of ClickShirt and Chris Kohlhardt of Gliffy, describe how they chose OpenLaszlo to transform their web experiences. Attendees will experience an exciting showcase of live OpenLaszlo demos in action, and will also benefit from a discussion about the future of Ajax trends and future adoption.

Speaker Bio: As Vice president of marketing for Laszlo Systems, Inc., Antony Campitelli’s responsibilities include the definition and direction of the company’s licensed software products built on OpenLaszlo, including Laszlo Mail and additional rich Internet applications. He also played an integral role in Laszlo’s move to open source. Campitelli joined Laszlo in January 2002 and has more than 15 years of experience in product management and marketing. Most recently, he served as vice president of Product Management and Marketing for Macromedia where he was responsible for the worldwide marketing and management of many award-winning products including Dreamweaver, Fireworks and UltraDev.

Prior to Macromedia, he served as director of Product Management for FileMaker, Inc., where he drove the product line strategy and positioning processes.

Campitelli holds a bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree with merit from Monash University, Melbourne.

Antun Karlovac
Training Director and Web Application Engineer

Session: 8
5:40 – 7:10 pm (1 hour, 30 minutes)
Hands-On OpenLaszlo Training

Session Description: This introductory hands-on seminar will provide an overview of the open source OpenLaszlo architecture and development environment, as well as the basics to learning Laszlo’s XML+JavaScript based coding language, called LZX. Attendees will discover OpenLaszlo’s unique development attributes, including the secrets behind creating rich, custom-looking applications; connecting to a web service; compiling to different run-times, and much more. As an added bonus, you’ll be able to walk away knowing how to build a simple Ajax application from scratch!

No prior OpenLaszlo experience is necessary to attend this session. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own laptops so they can follow along in real-time, although the materials provided will be useful to those who do not have a computer.

Note: Time to install OpenLaszlo and additional training materials will be allocated at the start of this seminar.

Speaker Bio: Antun Karlovac is the lead Web Application Engineer at Laszlo Systems. Having worked with the company for nearly four years, he’s been instrumental in developing the company’s application development documentation and technical specifications. Currently, Antun spearheads the Training division of Laszlo Systems, where he’s led hundreds of developers through topics ranging from AJAX development best practices and coding syntaxes to LZX data architecture and general RIA design. Prior to Laszlo, Antun worked at Moonstone Interactive, a San Francisco Bay Area-based Web design and development agency. Antun holds a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from Westminster University, London, UK and also an Internet Design and Technology certification from San Francisco University.

Ben Shine
Chief Interface Architect

Day 2, Session: 8
9:15 – 10:00 am (45 minutes)
Building an iPhone Application in 24 Hours: Behind-the-Scenes with Laszlo Systems

Session Description: Apple’s official announcement that AJAX is the iPhone’s SDK of choice reinforced Laszlo Systems’ vision, having already built its OpenLaszlo RIA development platform to inherently support AJAX. This session will discuss how OpenLaszlo is architected to work with iPhone today, and will provide insight into how Laszlo gurus, Ben Shine and Bret Simister, created an animated news game from scratch in only 24 hours. Named one of the ”8 coolest iPhone apps” by Wired Magazine, ”NewsMatch” exemplifies the power of the OpenLaszlo platform and its cinematic user interface.

Speaker Bio: Ben has been creating and using technology as tool for art, education, and play for fifteen years. With a start in computer graphics and virtual reality at Brown University, he moved into the Web 1.0 boutique tech/art integration world at Construct Internet Design, followed by a year building score reporting technology for the Sydney Olympics at Quokka Sports. Returning to academia at the Brown Department of Computer Science, Ben developed tablet computing software for organic chemistry education and an XML/OpenGL system to allow artists to create interactive virtual reality texts. At Laszlo Systems, Ben has contributed a rich text editor, a pure-javascript implementation of CSS for OpenLaszlo, an Ajax performance testing framework, and a disturbing amount of enthusiasm for all things shiny.

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Learn Laszlo at the AJAXWorld Conference
September 24 in Santa Clara, CA

AJAXWorld East Conference & Expo
Laszlo Webcast Archive

Join Laszlo Customers Including...

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Laszlo News Coverage
The F2F meeting of OpenAjax Alliance at NYC on March 21st worked out really well in my oppinion. As a result of the last F2F meeting in October 2007, we formed a new task force called 'Runtime Advocacy Task Force' at OpenAjax. The goal of Runtime Task Force is to collect a 'wish list' ...
Pop quiz: what company both doubled its annual revenue in 2006 and closed a $26.25 million round of funding? Clue: it also tracked 290,000 downloads of its RIA platform and lined up IBM,, H&R Block, Monster, Barclays Global and Pandora as customers. Extra clue: it also anno...
Laszlo Systems is the original developer of the open source platform OpenLaszlo, and provider of Rich Internet Applications and services that advance the Web experience. OpenLaszlo is an XML-native foundation for building next generation Web applications that increase customer retentio...
Jim Grandy of the OpenLaszlo project has announced on the OpenLazlo blog that the OpenLaszlo 4.0 Beta1 candidate is available for download at OpenLaszlo 4.0 is the official name for the 'Legals' project which adds Ajax/DHTML into the available compile options for OpenLa...
Sun Microsystems Inc. , the creator and leading advocate of Java and Solaris(TM) technology, and Laszlo Systems, Inc., the original developer of OpenLaszlo, a leading open source rich Internet development platform, today announced a collaboration to enable OpenLaszlo applications to ru...
'This collaboration will bring the richness of the modern web, the power of Java technology and the unique capabilities of OpenLaszlo together for the benefit of our respective developer communities,' said Robert Brewin, CTO of Sun Microsystems' software group, as Sun and Laszlo System...
Sun says it's going to collaborate with Laszlo Systems, the original developer of OpenLaszlo, an AJAX-style open source rich Internet development platform, so that OpenLaszlo applications run on Java ME devices. OpenLaszlo is supposed to support instantaneous no-download deployments. S...
The first OpenLaszlo book has just reached the market. It is called 'Ajax and Flash development with OpenLaszlo' by Chris Coremans.
Laszlo Systems, the original developer of OpenLaszlo, the leading open source platform for building and deploying advanced Ajax applications, today announced the completion of an $8 million Series C round of funding. New investor WI Harper Group led the round, joining existing investo...
AjaxWorld will be sponsored by eight leading AJAX and RIA technology vendors. The conference will offer exhibit opportunities to other vendors in addition to eight main event sponsors, including the charter sponsors Nexaweb ( and Laszlo Systems (


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